MPL MY Season 12: HomeBois claim their first MPL MY championship victory
20 March 2024

MPL MY Season 12 came to a thrilling end today, with HomeBois earning their first title and reaching the hallowed grounds of the M5 World Championship.

headline photo courtesy of Moonton

After a magnificent four days of playoff action, the Mobile Legends Professional League in Malaysia saw its twelfth season of action come to an end in a brilliant best-of-seven grand final between HomeBois and Team SMG. While SMG had the much tougher task of playing through a grueling Lower Bracket, which saw them narrowly avoid elimination twice, HB cruised through the Upper Bracket without so much as a scratch.

Going into the series, it was HB who took the early lead, even though SMG found a small lead for a short time. It only took a few moments for HB to find their footing, and from then, it was all downhill for SMG, as they went behind in the series. HB continued to show off their talent in the next game, this time not giving their opponents any room to breathe, taking another win in only 11-minutes in the Land of Dawn.

However, SMG seemed to finally switch on in game three, as they overcame a huge lead from HB with a single fight around the Lord and marched their way to their first victory. It seemed as though SMG would be ready to tie the series following this, putting up a strong fight in Game four and setting themselves up for victory. But, when it looked as though they were about to get the killing blow, Warlord stepped up in a heroic defense, taking down key members from SMG’s lineup and giving his team the space to take a clutch win to head up 3-1.

MPL MY S12 defense

Even facing a full series defeat, SMG were not about to give up, and the next two games they begun to show their true colours. Even when HB found themselves ahead, the strength of the SMG roster came out on top, taking two solid victories to tie the series at 3-3, and giving us one final game to decide the champions of Malaysia for Season 12.

Unfortunately for Team SMG, the final game was not theirs for the taking, as HomeBois stepped up again, controlling every part of the map and every objective too. With one swift push with the second Lord of the game in the 13th-minute, HB pushed through to take a huge win, claiming their first ever victory in MPL Malaysia, and booking their spot at the upcoming M5 World Championship. For SMG, all is not lost just yet, as they will take to the M5 Wildcard as they try make their way to the prestigious event too.